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I’m Ian Ross, I live in Pöllan in Austria with my partner Rita and our beagle mix Winnie.

I started out as a physicist, but more recently I’ve been working as a freelance programmer and data analyst. I’ve worked in programming-centred jobs for about 20 years, in fields as diverse as climate model development, programming language tools, and sonar (naval and scientific). I’ve also spent a lot of time thinking about effective scientific data visualisation: there is a portfolio of selected images here.

I now work for Memcachier.

Things I’ve been paid money for


Haskell, Python, JavaScript, C, C++, R, Java, Fortran (77 & 95), Lisp (Scheme, AUTOLisp, proprietary dialects), APL, SQL, Mathematica, Matlab, ArcGIS, Perl, NCL, PHP, MPI, Trilinos, SNMP, X, Motif, Povray, Tcl/Tk

to do:

  • Web apps
  • Climate & vegetation modelling
  • Data visualisation
  • Applied dynamical systems
  • Parallel programming
  • Machine learning & dimensionality reduction
  • Statistical modelling
  • Scientific data analysis
  • Naval sonar performance analysis
  • Scientific sonar data analysis and interfacing
  • Distributed applications & low-level network programming
  • GUI programming
  • Programming language tools
  • Atmospheric radiative transfer

Other things I know about

  • Functional programming (especially Haskell)
  • Other LISPs (Common Lisp, Clojure)
  • Web programming (mostly in Haskell with Yesod; JavaScript)
  • Metalworking & workshop engineering
  • Mechanical design (AutoCAD)
  • Forth, some DSP assembler

All the grubby details

I have a sort of programming bio here.

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