Web apps


I spent most of 2013 working more or less full-time on BayesHive, a web platform for Bayesian statistical modelling. This has a back-end written in Haskell using the Yesod web framework and a front-end using AngularJS. The front-end is fairly complicated, with a hierarchical explorer-style file browser, a document editing and rendering interface and wizard-like dialogue chains for building different kinds of Bayesian models.

I’ve done more or less all the front-end development and most of the back-end development that’s not related to the Bayesian statistical inference engine.

The Radian plotting library

During the development of BayesHive, it became clear that we needed a flexible solution for including plots into user documents. These plots are used for displaying basic data plots and plots of probability distributions resulting from Bayesian data analysis. Because the number and type of plots in a document can’t be known in advance, we settled on an approach using AngularJS directives to construct a custom HTML library for describing plots, which I called Radian.