Morse Blinkies as a Service

I've started learning electronics recently, following Chris Gammell's Contextual Electronics course, which is really good. One of the first exercises there is called "Getting to Blinky", and it's mostly about getting used to using the KiCad EDA suite, and getting over the initial barrier to getting PCBs made.

I worked through the tutorial, but didn't really feel like sending boards out just for a blinky. I wanted to do something more entertaining. It seemed like it might be fun to make blinkies that blinked messages. In Morse code? Yeah, why not?

A New Start!

It's hard to believe that I've not written anything here since 2017. That's a long break. But now I'm back, with lots of new ideas and projects and stuff!

Anyway, what's happened in the last couple of years? Quite a lot. Here are the highlights:

  • Houses sold: 1
  • Jobs quit: 2
  • Passports surrendered: 1