Datasheet-a-Day W32-35 2020

The whole "datasheet a day" thing got slightly derailed this month. I have been reading datasheets for projects, but my "datasheet a day" reading has been spent on Op Amps For Everyone, which is 464 pages of opampy goodness from Ron Mancini at TI.

I certainly didn't understand it all, and some sections I just skimmed, but I definitely have a better understanding of some things to do with opamp design. I was treating it mostly as a warm-up for Chapter 4 of The Art of Electronics, which I hope to start on this week or next.

Next week, back to normal.

Nordic Semi nRF52840 Tools Comparison

I just this week finished a project that has been hanging around for a while, mostly because it turned out to be much more work than I estimated. Earlier this year, I did some work using Nordic Semiconductor's nRF52840 ARM chip. Although the chip is nice, I didn't enjoy the software development experience using the tools that Nordic recommends, so I decided to do a "little" project to review some of the alternatives.

Turned out not to be so little, after all.

In any case, you can read the results on the project page. The highlights of the work were definitely learning about the Zephyr project and CircuitPython. I'm going to try to do some Rust stuff on the nRF52840 later to get an idea of how practical that is too, but I need a break from this stuff for a while first!

Datasheet-a-Day W31 2020

Slightly fewer datasheets this week, because I'm reading "Op Amps For Everyone", which is a 464-page thing about op amps from TI. That's a bit too long to manage one of them in a day!

Datasheet-a-Day W30 2020

I tried one new thing this week with the datasheets. I took a number of datasheets for "standard" diodes, and just looked through them to get a sense of the kinds of parameters that are usually quoted for these things. It was a useful exercise, and I'll do the same for some transistors next week. Otherwise, I continued with ploughing through the Analog Devices "mini-tutorials" series. They're of varying difficulty and relevance, but they all feel like things it would be good to know about.